Estate Pack

Equally important as your central vacuum are the accessories which accompany your system. Better cleaning tools mean that your job is done faster with cleaner results. 

Premium Cana-Vac models only use the finest cleaning accessories available thus assuring you are getting the best cleaning performance from your built-in central vacuum. You deserve the very best!

  • German engineered EBK340 powerhead. A delight to use, this powerhead is highly maneuverable and steers around furniture and other obstacles thanks to 180º swivel neck design and vacuuming under furniture is made easy with the addition of a 90º pivot neck design allowing the wand to lay flat.
  • Soft rubber wheels located on the back and on the front of this powerhead allow for optimal performance on various carpet surfaces while also making the transition from hard flooring to carpet easily.
  • The addition of a rubber squeegee on the bottom of this powerhead maximizes suction on low pile carpeting as well as hard floor surfaces while side channel air ducts maximize edge cleaning near baseboards.
  • An ultra bright fluorescent headlight illuminates dark areas and since it does not use a filament like conventional incandescent bulbs you will not experience the hassle of bulbs burning out.
  • The implementation of a quick release finger saver feature makes removal of the hose from the wand effortless for quick tool changes on the fly.
  • Quiet operation and fiberglass reinforced geared timing belt offer the best in performance and longevity. Lab tests show the EBK340 successfully recovers as much 92.9% of debris compared to only 85.5% from it’s closest rival.
  • Ergonomic comfort grip handle with full 360º swivel capability to prevent hose tension and kinks.
  • Cord management hose to wand interface for an easy and secure fit.
  • Chrome telescopic wand adjusts to comfortable vacuum height.
  • Premium tool set includes: 12" Floor Brush with durable natural soft fill bristle; Premium Dusting with natural soft bristle fill and oval shape for getting into tight nooks; Like the Dusting brush, the Upholstery tool is made form a soft polymer which will not scuff fine furnishings, comes with a built in grooming brush for upholstery; 13" crevice with side vents to prevent loss of airflow; Clip on wand caddy provides on board storage for your tools while you vacuum so you don't need to search for your cleaning attachments.
  • Additional light weight aluminum telescopic wand which can be attached to main telescopic wand for extra reach areas or to be used with the 12" floor brush.
  • Cloth Storage Caddy for all cleaning accessories stores neatly over the hose hanger keeping tools off the floor saving space.