Rug and Floor Pack
(Recommended for homes with mostly hard floor surfaces)

Equally important as your central vacuum are the accessories which accompany your system. Better cleaning tools mean that your job is done faster with cleaner results. 

Premium Cana-Vac models only use the finest cleaning accessories available thus assuring you are getting the best cleaning performance from your built-in central vacuum. You deserve the very best!

  • Air driven powerhead grooms area rugs and lightly carpeted areas.
  • 12" Floor brush with soft natural bristle will not scratch and is suitable for all flooring types. Cut away center design prevents dirt "bulldozing". 
  • Lightweight 30' crushproof dual electric hose turns central vacuum "On/Off" from your finger tips.
  • Ergonomic comfort grip handle with full 360º swivel capability to prevent hose tension and kinks.
  • Chrome telescopic wand adjusts to comfortable vacuum height.
  • Premium tool set includes: 12" Floor Brush with durable natural soft fill bristle; Premium Dusting with natural soft bristle fill and oval shape for getting into tight nooks; Like the Dusting brush, the Upholstery tool is made form a soft polymer which will not scuff fine furnishings, comes with a built in grooming brush for upholstery; 13" crevice with side vents to prevent loss of airflow; Clip on wand caddy provides on board storage for your tools while you vacuum so you don't need to search for your cleaning attachments.
  • Cloth Storage Caddy for all cleaning accessories stores neatly over the hose hanger keeping tools off the floor saving space.