Model 125
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Model 125

Model 125 is a cost-effective alternative to other models. The thermal efficiency, durability and design of the Model 125 make it the door of choice when a low-cost, high quality door is desired!

  • Chemical bonding of CFC free polyurethane to steel skins creates a unitized body with superior strength, insulation and dent-resistant characteristics.
  • Manufactured with high quality materials including heavy-duty, hot dipped galvanized hinges and track. In addition, 18 gauge hot-dipped galvanized steel end caps offer interior hinge attachment surface and exterior leg for proper seal against the jamb.
  • Windows can be specified for the Model 125¬†doors. The glass is set in molded high-impact resistant polymer frames.
  • The pin stripes (grooves) and pebble finish on the outer skin not only add strength but also enhance the appearance of the door.